Where everyone comes together and stays well together.

Downtown is the heart of Paso Robles. Throughout the year, our community comes together to enjoy and celebrate festivities in downtown Paso Robles. It’s our mission to restore, beautify and preserve historic downtown Paso Robles.

Main Street is involved in implementing unique projects that you may not be aware of — until now — that make a significant impact in our downtown community. When you have a seat on the bench, think of us. When you lock your bicycle up in the bicycle rack, think of us. When you stroll downtown on the sidewalk, look down and you’ll see bricks–think of us. When you walk by the various painted wine barrel planters, think of us. When you see the holiday house in the park, recall how Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny greet you and your children during the holiday season–think of us. When you come downtown and enjoy yourself, think of us!