Friendly faces, unique businesses, and a family-friendly atmosphere: downtown Paso Robles has something for every shopper, from boutiques, antiques, gift stores and art galleries to olive oil and craft beer purveyors and more. Experience Paso Robles’ quaint downtown setting, historic charm, wine country chic and classic country feel while shopping downtown. There is ample free parking in and around downtown, an informational kiosk located at the Acorn building, restrooms in city park, plus many new amenities that make downtown authentic. Come find out why Paso Robles is being hailed as one of the best places to shop in San Luis Obispo County.

Surprises around every corner

Conveniently located along Spring Street and anchored by city park, downtown is just a short drive away from motorists exiting from Highway 101 north or south from San Francisco and Los Angeles and just a short drive away from wine country. Start your walk in Downtown City Park, wander through the diverse and vibrant merchants and take in the sights and sounds of historic Paso Robles. Shoppers can expect the same kind of personalized, face-to-face service they’ve grown to expect from our homegrown businesses and world-class downtown merchants. In Paso Robles, visitors can spend the entire afternoon checking out the bevy of merchants and shops with a huge selection and variety. In downtown Paso Robles, there are surprises around every corner!

Here are just a few reasons to shop in downtown Paso Robles:

  • Free parking (2 hours)
  • Easy walk provides convenient access to shops
  • Diversity of shops and businesses
  • Public transportation options, pedestrian-friendly trails, bike-friendly paths

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