Wine and cheese pairing downtown

Wine and cheese pairing downtown

Paso Robles, Calif. is home to a bevy of authentic, world-renowned and locally owned and operated restaurants that are situated in the heart of downtown. Visitors can take a stroll along Downtown City Park and experience why restaurateurs and foodies from around the world are steadily recognizing Paso as a world-class epicurean destination.

Paso Robles restaurants downtown

Coupled with Paso Robles’ thriving wine industry is a melange of restaurants for the diner looking for an unforgettable experience of food and wine pairing opportunities. Featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients paired alongside distinctive Paso Robles wines is a very popular way to complement your experience in “the Pass of the Oaks.”

Downtown Paso Robles is home to a wide variety of restaurants, delis, bakeries, coffee shops, wine tasting rooms and more that offer a range of food options for visitors and locals alike. Situated within close proximity to ranches and the Pacific Ocean, there is a bounty of fresh meat, produce and fish sourced from the local area that make dining and nightlife a seasonal affair.

There are a variety of restaurants ideally situated in and surrounding the downtown core area with plenty of genres to explore, from classic American diners to Thai cuisine, Italian, Japanese, fusion and everything in between — downtown Paso Robles has it all. Come explore why tourists and locals alike come to Paso Robles to taste some of the best restaurants in San Luis Obispo County.

Dining and nightlife in Paso Robles go hand-in-hand. So after your delicious meal, be sure to stop by and watch a movie at Park Cinemas or grab a dessert snack from the gourmet candy stores just a short walk away, or take your meal with you for a picnic or evening meal in Downtown City Park.

Pair Paso wine & food

Pair local wine and food at downtown restaurants and take a taste of Paso Robles. From wine flights to wine tasting rooms, tapas to multi-course meals, local wines are also showcased at downtown eateries and are the perfect fare to match exquisitely with Paso Robles wines. Fine dining in downtown Paso means coming face-to-face with the culinary chefs, epicurean artisans, local food purveyors, farmers, ranchers and foodies that call Paso Robles their home. Downtown offers chance to taste the best of both worlds: Paso Robles wines and only the finest in local produce, olive oils, lavender, meats, fish and cheeses. Paso Robles has long been known for its agricultural heritage, so come to downtown Paso Robles to experience the best in wine and food!

For the foodie in everyone

Attracting world-renowned chefs from around the globe, Paso Robles has steadily grown from a rustic country town with just a few offerings to a booming epicurean enthusiast’s dream come true with more restaurant offerings than ever before. Booming alongside Paso Robles’ healthy and vibrant restaurants and eateries is a thriving wine industry, where local chefs partake in the bounties of being situated in the heart of a world-renowned winegrowing region. Visitors can sample Paso Robles wines and taste the flavors of Paso Robles with a wine country setting that’s unmatched and untamed in California. No matter what your tastebuds desire, there’s a niche for foodies around every corner in downtown Paso.

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